Heart Berries

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With Heart Berries, Teresa Marie Mailhot offers the best elements of memoir combined with a new and unique, fresh voice. Heart Berries is heart and poetry. I hate when I read a review that says that a writer of memoir is "brave" and "honest." Most people who have decided write about their lives take a leap; they to break themselves open and look inside, and then they show us what they find. Memoirist worth reading are, by definition, brave and honest.

Mailhot does a whole lot more than that. She somehow delivers her difficult story in beautiful, poetic prose and you can't put the short but dense story down. The only reason this book is still on my nightstand is because I am launching a business and am basically in work-or-sleep mode. As I finish it, I want to be fully present for every word.

Literary Witches

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So a confession...I am not as well read as I would like to be. Not even close. This book is such a delicious find. It highlights excellent, historic women writers in the most fun and creative way. Tasia Kitaiskaia explains why each profiled writer is a witch. She says, "All artists are magicians, and Witches wield special magic. Witches and women writers alike dwell in creativity, mystery, and other worlds," and then she discloses what exactly is each writer's magical powers. Mostly She nails it every time.  I am going to work my way through this book's reading recommendations. I've read a lot of the books on the witchy-author-focused lists, but not nearly most. Feeling like this is a good start toward better literacy and my journey toward my own magical powers!