Workshop Your Stories:

The SHLA workshops offer a fun and approachable way to write the stories of your life.

Designed as a group experience:

Share a meaningful exploration and writing journey with your friends, family or colleagues. We help you garner your memories and hone your stories.                    

Choose the ideal writing experience for your group. 


Writing Tools and Gifts.

Inspiration and Motivation to Start.

Stories. Storytellers. And Storied Spaces.  

Connect with your favorite writing community. Indulge in our unique collection of book reviews, inspiring authors, rising star writers, magical libraries, indie bookshops, and up and coming literary events from around the world!

A curated collection of Black Madonna bracelets handcrafted with high quality wood tiles, vintage rosary beads + semi-precious stones. Not only are our bracelets uniquely designed to tell their own story, each stone is naturally cleansed + blessed with the highest of intentions: to inspire love + compassion for all humankind.