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The Intimate Writing Experience:
This writing workshop is perfect for both published and aspiring authors who are looking for a smaller more intimate writing group. We will explore the memoir process as you learn how to garner your memories and hone your story.

Online Writing Assistance:
 We also offer one-on-one support and writing assistance that continues after the completion of the course. This also includes bonus editing and polishing exercises to help you finish your story and prep it for publishing.

Writing Support Group:
You will have the opportunity to become an active member in one of our support groups, beginning with your fellow workshop participants, and progressing at your own pace into our greater online community.

Authorship and Promotional Experiences:
At the end of each workshop the opportunity to be a Story House featured artist is awarded to 5 especially outstanding participants. These 5 writers will be invited to enjoy complimentary promotional services and join the featured writers in the Story House Library

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